Surfing in Munich, Germany

From an early age I have wanted to visit Munich to surf the Eisbach. I saw it on a surf film back in the late 90’s and was intrigued. So here I am in 2015 standing next to the River wave I dreamt about as a child, How did I get here? and why the hell don’t I have a board!

Well after 6 weeks of working and traveling around U.A.E and Europe I find myself parked for the first time in one location. Up until now I have had a loose travel plan following the European skydiving circuit, first Norway for Extremesportveko then Russia for some Indoor Skydiving, then Italy to go BASE jumping (See blog post). What I didn’t expect was to find comfort in a city that didn’t have a beach. I met up with a friend of mine Suzzie a cute little Bavarian girl who offered to show me around the city of Munich and house me for a week.

Within an hour of arriving I find myself unexpectedly standing in front of the famous river wave called the “Eisbach“. 

After watching the boys and a couple of chicks shred for about an hour I put down my beer and ask a guy if I can use his board. After getting a funny look I realise that either he doesn’t understand my Aussie slang or this place is a little more localised than one might think. The banks are surrounded with hundreds of onlookers all cheering and whistling but very few guy are in the water, I just assumed that not everyone wants to give it a go…

I sat there for a while trying to catch anyones attention that may be kind enough to give up their board for 5 minutes. Finally an american guy who I found out later on was passing through on his way to Bali (how that works I don’t know) was getting out and I hit him up. Surprisingly he handed over his board without any fuss.

I stood in the queue for 10 minutes until it was my turn. As everyone before me had done I attempted the drop in method, throwing the board out in front of me and trying to stand on it before it hits the water.

BOOM!! Landed, Fell and Spat out the back smashing my knee on the concrete

“Welcome to the Eisbach” I heard from the sidelines. Determined to get it I asked if I could use the board for a few more attempts. Second attempt I sat down on the concrete put the board on the water and tried the roll in method. This time I stood up and found myself in the middle of the wave and no speed. I was pushed off the back and sent for another swim. The third and fourth attempts went much the same.

Finally the guy wanted his board back and I was reluctant to hand it over, as I knew that was the only chance I would get to surf this place. The locals here are protective of their wave and I have been told that they “send people in” at certain times of the day so they can have it to themselves.

Getting a board around munich is challenging and I am on the search for a Skate shop called ‘Santo Loco‘ who supposedly have a couple of boards for rent. I am going to get this before I leave!

eisbach münchen
Surfing in Munich
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Love Signs
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Suz playing with Bubbles